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Sound Healing is a scientifically founded way to bring the body's own system in resonance with itself again and starting the self healing processes, when this is achieved.

Many researches have even shown up, that disharmony and odd beats of music can actually break down life inside living cells and experiments on plants and animals have proven just that.

Can these sound be harmful?

There are definitely frequencies that may cause headaches, anxiety and various other responses not desired by the listener due to sounds.

Being a unique individual creates a more complex problem in which frequencies may cause these feelings* - realize your past life experiences make a sum of how everything you perceive now. What is undesirable to one person may not be to another.

Carrier Frequencies above 1k are not typically desirable to the normal human listener.

As far as "It has been made very clear that high amplitude and/or unstable vibration would disrupt cell functioning. Or, what’s your take on this disruptive force?" this is a bit misleading/vague, let me explain.

For this to happen you'd be leaving the spectrum of sound and entering into more like a spectrum of radiation or something beyond sound; is the point I'm trying to summarize. Please do not use these tones at FULL BLAST of your headphones.
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… all deal with the thalamus, this would be a great thing to read up on because it really lays the foundation of neuroscience and ultimately that is what we are dealing with when it comes to binaural beats, etc.

Binaural Beats are typically always safe, some may make you drowsy such as delta wave, etc. but nothing that can per se brainwash you or cause you to do something you would not want to do.

The mind set you have going into listening will determine more than anything how the outcome will be… after all it is the mind we are trying to persuade in the first place.

- Hope this helps you to better understand.

On the other hand, playing harmonious tunes and frequencies which harmonise and resonate in the body it has a healing effect!
— It is all about RESONANCE and FREQUENCIES in the end. Therefore we would also strongly recommend any of our visitor, here, to get a copy of the prize-crowned documentary video: "RESONANCE - Beings of Frequency"

RESONANCE - Beings of Frequency

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